Our Plan To Stop Cow Slaughter

  • The bulls must be engaged
  • There must be an income generating scheme. When an Ox-Powered electricity generator is made. It gives engagement to the bulls and as well as brings an income also every day.
  • Man power. We find that the farmers are the right people who will take care of the cows even if does not yield milk, because they can use cow dung and cow urine as organic manure.
  • The cows should never go to the market. if the farmers are supported by distributing cows free of cost on terms and condition with an exchange facility the cows will never go to the market.

Implementation of the project SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD


  • 5 acres of land bought.
  • Big cow sheds constructed.
  • Borewell has been dug, submersible pump fitted, pipes fitted.
  • sprinklers fitted for irrigation.
  • fencing completed.
  • Ox-Power electricity generator made (1 KWH DONE, 15 KWH ON TRIAL; WILL BE COMPLETED WITH IN A MONTH).
  • Having 160 cattle including cows bulls baffaloes and calves.
  • Working to get thousands of cows as donation from many gosalas from North India for distributing to poor farmers.
  • Entered into a tie-up with SARVESWER NARAYAN ANANTH GO-SEVA SAMITHI of MATHURA in UTTER PRADESH for getting cows as donation.
  • SARVESWER NARAYAN ANANTH GO-SEVA SAMITHI agreed in WRITING to donate as many cows needed for the implementation of the project SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD.
  • Collector of Tirunelveli recommended to collector of MATHURA to permit 400 cows to transport through train from Mathura to Tirunelveli.
  • M/S GOKULAM CHIT FUND CHENNAI has agreed to sponsor the train fare from Mathura to Tirunelveli.
  • Now waiting for permission from collector of Mathura from August 2013.
  • Given application for getting 1000 acres of land on lease or right to use for cultivating fodder for cows and for cattle rearing purpose, which is owned by Nellai Apper Temple at Tirunelveli.
  • Expecting many sponsors to do rest of the job to complete the project.

save cow revolution

we the people of Bharath claim that Cow is equal to our mother and believe  that 33 crore demigods reside in the body of a cow .Since millions of years we are following this.Among the 120 crore population of Bharath 100 crore people agree to this. So we all must feel ashamed that cow slaughter is still going on in Bharath.Therefore inorder to stop cow slaughter,we bring this  save cows revolution.we want 1 crore people to unite to bring this revolution.Please enroll as a revolutionary member.Your committment will never be more than a ruppee a day towards this noble cause.Just send your name ,address,cell phone number and email id for registering.