Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ox-Power generator working?

Yes. We have one kw Trail. 15 kw will be finished in one month. After that Auto-Rikshaw conversion into electric vehicle will be done and trial will be conducted.

How are you going to distribute cows to the farmers? Do you have enough cows?

We have only 160 cattle and we will start distributing. When our stock crosses 250.We have arranged to many cattle as donation from North India for the distribution to the formers. For that we have arranged Maha Go-Dhaanam Program.

How will the trust maintain the Non-Milch cows?

At present we are depending on donations and we are going to launch a business by producing an Organic growth stimulant for plants and trees. We see a very high market for these product and this is very highly profitable. We have already started this in a small way and we are looking for partners to do in a big way.

who will save the cows?

It is every ones duty.

How will everyone protect it?

Those who are unable to protect them directly, may contribute to organizations meant for cow protection. Gorakshyam Trust, Govardhan Trust.

Are the farmers able to afford the expenses in protecting the cows?

No because they are always at loss. And most of them are migrating to cities in search of job, selling their paddy fields.

How are they at loss?

By using chemical fertilizers, the soil lost its fertility and all the bacteria has been destroyed so there is no decomposition. Therefore there are fewer yields.

In this situation how can you save a farmer and who will save the farmers?

Gorakshyam Trust and Govardhan Trust have come forward to SAVE THE FARMERS.

How will the trust save the farmers?

By giving them milch cows on agreement that, the ownership always remains to the Trust so that They cannot sell the cows .They can have the milk, cow dung and cow urine. They have to become a member paying Rs 100 every month. Then they have to pay Rs 100/- per cow every month. When the cow becomes dry they can exchange it with a milch cow at no extra cost.

They will get a free doctor check up every month.

By showing improvement in their conduct and character they can get more cows as they want.

How the trust is going to implement this?

The Trust has asked cows as donation to 1000 gosalas in north India. many are willing to give .The first gosala which came forward to help our project SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD is SARVESWAR NARAYAN GOSEVA SAMITHI in U P .. They have agreed to give us 1000 cows free of cost.

To transport those cows to Tirunelveli, the Trust requires a huge amount. So the Trust is raising funds from the public as donation and as interest free loan signed by both parties on a gentlemen agreement.So we humbly request all well wishers to help us in some way to implement this project SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD.

Send your contributions, In favour of Gorakshyam Trust, Tirunelveli OR Govardhan Chennai to

Gorakshyam Trust,
Gokul Ashram,
Moolakkaraippatti (P.O.),
Moolakkaraippatti P.O.,
Tirunelveli Dist.,
Tamilnadu - 627354.