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Gorakshyam Trust is a voluntary organization set up for the cultural and human purpose of offering protection to cows on a large scale, enabling them to grow healthy in a salubrious environment of care and compassion. We truthfully follow the noble path shown by Lord Krishna and the footsteps our beloved Gurus - His Holiness A.C. Bhakthivedantha Swami Prabhupada and His Holiness Jayapathaka Swami.

Our project seeks to educate the society against cow slaughter and to highlight the multifaceted benefits of such a program to the society.

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The Gorakshyam Trust is a non-profit organization, run by devoted Krishna Bhakthas, pledging allegiance to ISKCON, who have dedicated their lives to work for the welfare of the society in general, furthering Krishna consciousness and for the protection of cows in particular.

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  • The bulls must be engaged
  • There must be an income generating scheme. When an Ox-Powered electricity generator is made. It gives engagement to the bulls and as well as brings an income also every day.
  • Man power. We find that the farmers are the right people who will take care of the cows even if does not yield milk, because they can use cow dung and cow urine as organic manure.
  • The cows should never go to the market. if the farmers are supported by distributing cows free of cost on terms and condition with an exchange facility the cows will never go to the market.

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