News for Gorakshyam Trust

Existing Activities

As stated, our primary aim is to promote awareness of Lord Krishna, the teachings of His Holiness A.C. Bhakthivedantha Swami the founder of ISKCON. The main thrust is to further the welfare of the society we live, through the path shown by Divine Lord Krishna.

Result by donating a cow

You are following the vedic instructions, so Krishna is satisfied because you are protecting one among the seven mothers

Future Plans

Cow Exchange Program

  • A program for providing members with yielding cows

It is a part of our plan to stop cow slaughter in India. The name of the project is SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD. The project will prove the multifaceted benefits of cow protection to the public. We need a thousand cows, according to our devised plan, we will introduce desi cows in Tirunelveli and will develop these breeds.

Now we are looking for sponsors for

  • The construction of cow shed for accommodating 200 cows
  • Train fare for the transportation of the 200 cows from Mathura (UP) to Tirunelveli
  • Digging borewells and fitting pumpsets
  • Fitting pipe lines and sprinklers
  • Fodder seeds
  • Cost for per tractor ploughing
  • Cost of fencing

Present Situation

Number of cows 47
Female Calf 18
Male Calf 42
Bulls 14
Buffalo 21
Oxen 6
Total 148


  • 5 inches x 20 ft MS pipes 240 numbers
  • Blue metal 1/2 inches 10 units
  • Sand 15 units
  • Cement 200 bags
  • Labour charge

Village Development Program

This is a program organized for implementing the project SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD. Our aim is to stop cow slaughter. We have chosen the method of preaching the importance of cow protection and showing the benefits of not killing cows and the developments we achieve practically. As the people are ignorant they are not convinced by the statements in the Vedas and shastras, that the cows must not be killed. So in order to convince the ignorant mass of people, Who kill the cows and who support to kill the cows we those who are abiding by the instructions of God through the shastras have to take steps to prove the fact practically that stopping cow slaughter will bring all auspisciousness to the whole universe solving all the present problems which the society faces now. So we are doing this program in this village in order to prove the drastic change and development we want 1000 cows to be distributed to the villagers making them beneficiary members to make them get involved in cow protection

Invest and Gain

Bhakthas can contribute to the cause by investing in The Gorakshyam Trust Investment Plan.

Driven 15 KWH Electricity Production Project Proposal

  • We get minimum 300 kgs of cowdung per day.
  • that will produce 10 cubic meter of methane gas everyday.

Inviting investors to become our business partner for the PRODUCTION and SALES of JEEVAMRITAM

Sir we introduce ourselves as Gorakshyam Trust a voluntary charitable organization set up for stopping cow slaughter registered in 1995. To achieve this aim we have devised a project named SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD

Earn 1 Crore Rupees in 1 Year

  • Ox-Power Generator of 15 KVA. so the output is 360 units in 24 hours.
  • Auto conversion to electric vehicle and demonstration.