Inviting investors to become our business partner for the production and sales of Jeevamritam

Sir we introduce ourselves as Gorakshyam Trust a voluntary charitable organization set up for stopping cow slaughter registered in 1995. To achieve this aim we have devised a project named SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD

According to the project ,to stop cow slaughter, first the bulls must be engaged, with an income generating scheme,second is that to make arrangements ,that the bulls and cows never come to the market, then man power.

We have made an ox- powered electricity generator to engage the bulls and which will bring us a steady and permanent income .Then the project indicates that the cows must be distributed free of cost to the farmers under terms and condition that they must not be sold and will be returned to the organization. So the cows will never go to the market and there will be no more slaughter.

Now all the non yielding cows will be coming to the Goshala for taking care from the farmers. To maintain them a business plan is made which will make the goshala profitable by making Jeevamritam, which is an organic growth stimulant for plants and trees, which is a substitute for chemical fertilizers.

Now we find a very good market for organic manure because people around the world is demanding organic food .So every farmer has to change to organic farming.

Our Gokulam goshala run by Gorakshyam Trust at present is having 160 cattle.We are producing only 4000 litres of jeevamritam per month , where as we can produce 1,50,000 litres ( one lakh fifty thousand litres per month). To increase the production we need some capital investment of Rs 50,00000/-( Fifty lakhs ) To mobilize this amount , we have decided to seek investers to become our business partners..The investers are expected to invest a minimum of 3 lakhs rupees .After receiving the money we will send you the copy of the partnership deed. .Interested people may contact us at the earliest.

Thanking you ,
In the service of Lord Krishna
Managing Trustee