Why this programme?

It is a part of our plan to stop cow slaughter in India. The name of the project is SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD. The project will prove the multifaceted benefits of cow protection to the public. We need a thousand cows, according to our devised plan, we will introduce desi cows in Tirunelveli and will develop these breeds.

A brief description about the programme

The plan is to bring 1000 cows to the ashram. As a first step we bring 200 cows will be owned by the ashram and it will be given to poor eligble village people free of cost on terms and condition. They can use the milk and cow dung and must be returned to the ashram when the lactation period is over and exchange with another milch cow free of cost so that they need not take the responsibility and diffculty in taking care of a non-milch cow. The villagers are educated regarding the importance of cow protection and a system will be administered that no cow will go to the market from this village which will stop the cow slaughter. Within 4 years the project will prove to be multifaced benefit of cow protection showing the development of the people and village. Then this can be copied every where simultaneously which brings an end to cow slaughter.

Now we have requested many ashrams and gosalas in north India to give us desi cows like GIR, KANGREZ Etc. They have accepted our request and have agreed to donate us with those breeds.

A temple having 1000 acres of land adjacent to our ashram has agreed to give the land on lease for the implementation of the project.

Advantages of the project

  • Lords blessings
  • Transformation
  • Holy service
  • Righteousness
  • Medicinal valve
  • Ecological Balance
  • Improved Organic Farming
  • Avocation
  • Employment potential
  • Industrial and Agricultural Development