Ox Power Electricity Generator


For ages the human race has depended on animals for various needs like transport, food, etc. And even in this modern world we still depend on them at least indirectly for milk, leather etc. Agriculture being the backbone of Indian economy was more dependent on livestock, and rearing these animals was an additional and allied activity of agriculture.

Cows are used for milk and the male oxen was used for transport, ploughing, pumping water from deep wells, oil mills etc. Though the use of cow has not reduced as we need milk for our food requirements, due to the advent and use of machinery in transport, ploughing, electrical pumps, the use of oxen has completely reduced.

The irony is that to bear healthy calf’s we need healthy oxen and to stay healthy they need to be given constant work, in the absence of which the farmers are left with only option to use injective methods of reproduction which is steadily decreasing the indigenous characters of the calves.

The Current Shock

We the people of India and in particular Tamilnadu are facing severe shortage of electricity affecting the lives of businessmen, residents and farmers alike. Though there are several projects and schemes announced by the government at the state and centre, it takes several decades for a big project to be operationalised, and in such delay the deficit grows several folds thus leaving us always in deficit and power hungry.

Moreover all mega projects conceptualised by the government so far has been coal based, nuclear based which is not environmentally friendly and leaves a big carbon footprint on the already polluted environment.

The wind and hydro based power projects are very seasonal and not dependable for electricity generation.


In the present scenario, we are reminded of the age old beliefs and sayings about cows and their significance. They if used in the proper manner can help us tide over the current problem of power deficiency faced by our state. It is very much possible to use the ox power in generating electricity.

There have been many attempts at putting similar project to work, but the method and design of the current project given below is superior to the existing designs.

The oxen are paired and made to walk around a circular ramp connected at the centre to a dynamo which generates electricity. A single unit currently designed is a 15Kva which would need 4 bulls at a single time to do the job and since the ox need to be given rest, they are used in shifts. A single shift is of 8hrs and we need 3 set of ox for a single unit to be fully operational.

For one MW of electricity production

1 Mw = 15Kva * 6, therefore we need 6 operational units and since it may take one hour for the required momentum to generate electricity, we may need another 6 additional units and equal number of oxen to have a steady generation. Thus one hour before a shift is completed the standby units are started operations.

Generator capacity 1000 kwh 1 MW
Working hours 24 ,electricity producing hours 20 only  
Cost 100,00000/- Rs
Ox required 600 nos
Maintenance per day for ox Rs 60,000/-
Labor required and cost 100 people @Rs 350 per head = 35,000/-  
Dung and urine collected per day and its income 3000 + 3000 =6000 = Rs 30,000/-
Electricity generated in 20 hours 20,000 units
Maintanance for power plant per day Rs 1000/-
Net profit per day Rs 4,000/-
Pay back in 6 months
Space required for the plant 10,000 sqft
Manufacturing time 3 months
Instalation time 45 days
Payment 90% in advance and 10% at the time of installation  
Service 1 year free
Gaurantee of plant 5 years
Cost of cow shed Rs 1,44,000/-
Cost of oxen Rs 1,50,00000
Total investment Rs 3,94,00000/-


Benefits from the project are many some direct and some indirect, we have listed a few

  • Electricity 24/7:
  • We can generate and supply electricity without any hindrance, and in a most eco friendly manner, without in any way disturbing or damaging the environment. The supply can be done continuously without stop as we have standby units to start operation in a shift basis. There is no dependence or influence on any seasonal or climatic conditions, such as rain or floods.

  • Employment:
  • the most essential thing for a man is his livelihood, and when such employment is available closer to home it is more cherished. This project of 1MW capacity will generate employment for 100 persons directly and 500 indirectly. There is need to take care of the oxen and cows, to operate the units, maintenance of units etc. and to grow fodder for these animals people have to cultivate and that gives indirect employment.

  • Increase in cultivable land:
  • With more animals coming into an area, we have to grow more fodder to sustain them and hence it will lead to an increase in the cultivable land area, the unused dry lands will be reclaimed and cultivated. The manure of these animals can be used instead of other chemicals for agriculture thereby reducing the damage to the environment.

  • Farmers are supported
  • An easy switchover to organic farming
  • Solving the power crisis to an extend by installing ox powered electricity generators
  • Rural development
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Many other Auspiciousness