Save a Cow - Save the World Project

Save A Cow - Save The World

From time immemorial humans have depended on nature for his existence, and agriculture has been and is still the backbone of our Country. Cows are an integral part of this agriculture, they were used to till the land, the cow dung and urine used as manure, cows acted as bio degraders wherein they ate all the agriculture waste and gave back enriched manure easy for soil to decompose.

Native Indian Breed Cow

India has several breeds of cows (about 30 main breeds and several sub breeds), which belong to the Bos indicus variety and are native to India for several centuries. These have been used in agriculture, dairy farming and transportation.

Cow and Divinity

GoMaatha (Mother cow) has been given an exalted status in Hinduism. All our Shastras and Puranas have hailed the Holy Cow as the embodiment of Motherhood (Maathruthva) and the temple where all the Gods, Devatas and the Holy Theerthas reside. GOSEVA is a duty enjoined on one and all. Gomaatha is the backbone of Yagya as well as agriculture and hence the backbone of human welfare.

Cow, Agriculture and Food Security

From time immemorial, India has been an agrarian country and the cow has been the backbone of our agriculture. When fertilizers and tractors were unknown, cow was the only source sustaining the entire agriculture. Agriculture would not have been possible without cows.

Cow and Medicines

All the products â€" Milk, curd, ghee, Mutra and Gomaya- from Indian breed cows have medicinal and curative properties and have been the basis for Panchagavya system of Ayurvedic medicines. This system has been in use for several centuries but has been lost in the last several decades in view of the importance given to Allopathy. The general apathy towards the cow also contributed to the limited use of Panchagavya medicines.

Go Maatha (Cow) is Boo Maatha (Mother Earth)

One of the many meanings of the word Go is earth.

There is a legend in the Puranaas that at the end of Dwapara yuga and beginning of Kali yuga, Boo Maatha could not bear the heavy weight of the sins committed in the earth by the kings and prayed for Lord Mahavishnu's intervention to reduce the burden of the sins. Lord Mahavishnu agreed and said He would take an avatar as Lord Krishna. Hence Boo Maatha decided to take the form of Gomaatha which will elicit even greater love and affection from the Lord than Her Boodevi form( as His Consort). No wonder that Gomaatha has such concern for Mother Earth that there is nobody else like her in protecting Mother Earth.

Cow and Energy

Cow is the source of limitless, clean, non- polluting, cheapest renewable energy in the world. There is no other energy which has all the above properties and has use in agriculture and soil conservation & fertility. With the use of bull power even today we are saving Billions of dollars in lower oil imports.

Ox Power Generator

To sustain the cow population we need healthy oxen, and to make them stay fit, they need to be given work. An improvisation on the olden day oil milling system and replacing the mill with a dynamo will help generate electricity. Since we have grown into an electricity dependent world and constant deficiency of electricity has not allowed the farmer to even irrigate his land. The use of ox power generator can fulfill the needs of a small farmer wherein a 5HP motor and his other farm needs will be satisfied. This unit occupies only little space, and leads to employment of people.

"Save A Cow - Save The World" "Save The Farmers"

Who should save the cows?

It is every human’s moral duty, and those who are unable to protect them directly, may contribute to organizations meant for cow protection.

Project Report for Ox Power Electricity Generator

For ages the human race has depended on animals for various needs like transport, food, etc. And even in this modern world we still depend on them at least indirectly for milk, leather etc. Agriculture being the backbone of Indian economy was more dependent on livestock, and rearing these animals was an additional and allied activity of agriculture.