About Gorakshyam Trust

The Gorakshyam Trust managing the Gokul Ashram is a Registered Trust. Registration No: 768 - VI / 95 at Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, South India, and functions from the following address.

Gokul Ashram,
Gorakshyam Trust,
Moolakkaraippatti (P.O.),
Moolakkaraippatti P.O.,
Tirunelveli Dist.,
Tamilnadu - 627354.

The Gorakshyam Trust is a non-profit organization, run by devoted Krishna Bhakthas, pledging allegiance to ISKCON, who have dedicated their lives to work for the welfare of the society in general, furthering Krishna consciousness and for the protection of cows in particular.

Aims & Purpose

As stated, our primary aim is to promote awareness of Lord Krishna, the teachings of His Holiness A.C. Bhakthivedantha Swami the founder of ISKCON. The main thrust is to further the welfare of the society we live, through the path shown by Divine Lord Krishna.


The activities of the Gokul Ashram run by the Gorakshyam Trust, controlled and directed by the Trustees of Gorakshyam Trust, are directed towards the welfare of mankind, by bringing in awareness of Lord Krishna and his teachings, which among other things, expounds the importance of cow - both spiritually and economically to mankind, and giving protection to the cows.

According to scriptures, donating of a cow or a calf is considered as one of the highest forms of donation to God. In these parts of India, it is very common for Bhakthas to do donate cows and calves in large numbers to important temples on auspicious days.

It is very unfortunate that such well-meant offerings, of late, turns out to be nemesis for the cow. The temple authorities, for want of adequate facilities and funds for the upkeep of large bovine population or sometimes out of greed, auction off these animals. Such animals end up in no time on the menu cards of hotels and on dinner tables.

The cruel practice of cow slaughter has necessarily to end. We at Gokul Ashram work relentlessly towards this goal.