Vibhooshan Krishnadas

By The Mercy Of guru And gouranga

Vibhooshan krishnadas
Family Name


Birth Name

His father was severely ill and about to undergo a life-threatening operation at the time, and as soon as Visakham had taken birth, his father’s condition improved at once.

Everyone then asked the name of nakshatra at the time of the boys' birth (Visakham); therefore, he was named Viasakhan as per loving family and friends.

Date Of Birth

Saturday, September 15th, 1956

Place Of Birth

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, INDIA

Thiruvananthapuram literally translates into the abode of Lord Anantha.

Childhood and Youth

His mother used to take him daily, early morning before 4:30 AM, to take darshana of the abhishekam of Lord Varaha.

While growing up, Visakhan would always want to know the reason of any arising trouble in the neighbourhood surroundings. He was especially keen on finding out the reason behind events.

Education/Professional skills and Development

Learned whatever is needed to be a very good automobile mechanic and an engineer. No certificates from any college. I put my effort to try and try and try until I achieve the impossible result and satisfy my clients. - Vibhooshan Krishnadas

Visakhan's intentions and practical efforts was his ability to troubleshoot in his privately owned, professional auto shop. He therefore continued to advance in of Automotive Engineering by working in this field.

Young Adult

After going through much difficulty growing up and maturing, he was blessed by the Supreme Person to get the following message from a Christian Father one day: "My dear son, from now on you aspire to try and serve the Lord."

This resulted in Vishakhan meeting a young Vaisnava boy who was doing a book distribution on behalf of ISKCON. Meanwhile, Vishakhan was chanting daily instructed by his friend Mr Padmanabha Sharma and by the mercy of the Supreme Person, he did.


December of 1984 is when Visakhan visited a local ISKCON temple in Trivandrum along with his friend, Gopa Kumaran Unni.

He would regularly visit the ISKCON temple even while travelling outside of province.

Year of Initiation

1990 in Mayapur, Bengal, INDIA by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami.


Gorakshyam Trust (Regn. No. 768 IV / 95) has been officially registered in Trivnadrum, Kerala, INDIA. The difficulty in running a go-shala at the time was due to lack of pasture grounds for the cattle.

1996 - 2007

After undertaking much door-to-door, preaching and risk a few, loyal members were convinced to join devotional life and start-up an ashram along with Prabhu in the village of Moolakaraipatti, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Smt. Veerasubhulaskhmi, along with her two daughters Muthulakshmi and Vijayalakshmi , Sri Sankaranarayanan, and Sri Sivarama Krishnan are among a few, to be noted individuals who chose to take shelter of Lord Krsna through Prabhu Vibhooshan Krishnadas. These noteworthy individuals have sacrificed much in order to stay loyal to the trust and to continue their journey on the path of bhakti.

2008 - 2012

Contacts and attempted donations started to make their way to distant gokul ashram, and therefore maintain and spread the message of SAVE A COW - SAVE THE WORLD. The aim is one: to STOP cow slaughter and to therefore SAVE the world.


The trust is currently about to transport the first set of 300 cattle from north India to gokul ashram by train. The target is to increase the number to 1,000 and then to 5,000 cattle in the future. The first set will be distributed to the village of Moolakraiapatti under the rules and regulations of the trust.

The ox-power generator is set to undergo a major trial during the first half of the year.

Prabhu is planning to travel abroad to North America for preaching and branching out.


This is a project founded and run by Prabhu Vibhooshan Krishnadas. It represents in a nutshell gorakshyam as a registered, non-profit organization as well as its aim, activities and future plans.

Other benefits include (proper) education, natural, simple way of living, social and spiritual.

There are endless reasons as to why cow protection is the best and the only way to maintain a healthy, peaceful and prosperous world society. Indeed, cow protection solves every problem in the world society and secures a safe future for generation to follow. It is a duty and responsibility of each human to take action in cow protection in some form.

ECONOMIC Benefits:

This project assures permanent employment for farmers whether they are already in the field or would like to enter this type of employment/lifestyle.

There are four types of farmers in the province of Tamil Nadu: the well-off, the intermediate, the poor and the poverty stricken.

The trust is planning to supply cattle to the well-off farmers, therefore, making them even wealthier. The well-off farmers will then supply work to the other three branches of farming.

This will result in a lasting, financial security to the province of Tamil Nadu and eventually to the rest of India and the world at large. This is the method of SAVING THE FARMERS.